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Needs work

I find the free mapping apps are superior in many ways, with this app I can have my destination visible, write the location out word for word as displayed, but it wont navigate to that point. Results are often incorrect. After trying for months to use this app, I use Google Maps or even the Apple mapping app with easier and more predictable results.

Excellent piece of software

Having abandoned the Windows world I was looking for a good application to replace the old Microsoft "Street and Trips". This is the one. Easy to use and simply excellent.

Love it

I 58 years old studying maps is a favourite pastime of mine. This app. Is by far the best Ive come across many thanks to the developers who made this. Thank-you


Great app, clear satellite photos!

Got me lost every time!

Just came back from Seattle and Im going to try to get my money back. After putting in the address it once took me 30 minutes in the wrong direction. It continued to change my addresses into coordinates so I couldnt tell where i was going until it is as too late.

Nice mapping program

Very nice mapping program for city driving.

Great app.

Great app for tracking your route.

Cant copy or print route

Being able to print information or copy and paste it into a word processor is a basic of computers. Why Google maps and I maps doesnt like to do that is beyond me. Not always want to use the GPS feature on the iPad, what is wrong with putting in a basic printing ability for at least being able to copy and paste and print?

Not working ... Google Maps api error

Do not buy until fixed. Apptility not responding. Error: This page was unable to display a Google Maps Element ...


My current location is ALWAYS listed WRONG! Why cant you fix this problem!

Incredible App

Absolutely amazing app. Ive used several apps that boost about their own products. However, iMaps and Google actually DO back up what they say their products can provide. Not only that, but if something goes wrong along the way, they will ALWAYS find a way to fix. Keep up the awesome job and thank You to the Entire staff.

Excellent - far superior to Google Maps app

The views provided by this map are far superior to those of the Google Map app. This app provides full screen view of the map, unlike the Google app, which uses 1/3 of the screen showing frequently unwanted information. I frequently want to view large areas at a time, which this app makes possible. In addition, the user interface is well thought out and effective.

A Worthwhile app

Since the Google maps are hard to use with iPad this neatly fills the bill. Still preferable to google maps. I still like it a lot.

My GO-TO Map

Easy to use, great street views, no ads.


Pretending doing a lit, the app does very little. Not worthy.

Interiors of buildings NOT helpful

I have conveyed people to addresses all over the northeastern seaboard for over 4 decades; and NEVER has an interior picture of a restaurant or hotel been used as a navigational aide. The current practice of using a hotels dining room or rooftop bar in place of the buildings exterior does not help someone get to their destination safely. Your mapping system is good. (It was great before those stupid interior pictures.)

Best basic directions

Simple, straightforward and gets you the right answer in minutes

I maps+

Is very nice I like it

Love it!

I love the pointer that shows which direction you are going, when streetview cruising. I have an idea that Ive been looking for, for years: ok, so you place a mark on a map, then a second mark, and then get all the info that you would get if you typed in addresses in the "to" and "from" fields... Such as, distance between points, directions from one point to the other, option to label points, etc. this way, if we are already looking at a place on the map, we can set a point there, just like we can on regular maps, HOWEVER, we can set a second point, and opt to get directions from the first point to that second point. I dont know how many times Ive had to copy and paste addresses when it would be easier to tap and get directions. You can name it iPoints.


Best street view app. So easy to use. Its a must have & a go to.

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